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What we have for you In Ponte de Lima, the most traditional dish in the tasty local cuisine is Sarrabulho Rice, a rice dish served with marinated pork – rich in flavour and tradition. Lamprey from the river Lima is also highly appreciated in Ponte de Lima. This delicacy can be cooked in various different ways, notably with rice and “Bordeaux” style. A word of mention for Salt Cod with Onions, a popular traditional dish, prepared in the taverns and restaurants of Ponte de Lima where it is a famous and much sought-after treat. For those with a sweet tooth, there is the delicious creme brulee (“leite creme”).
Vinho Verde Situated in the heart of the famous and unique vinho verde region, the county has a wine...
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Tradition and Quality The local gastronomy is rich in flavors and knowledge. There are a...
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7 Activities
  • Lamprey Rice	Gastronomy Lamprey Rice The Lamprey is made in its traditional form, and on the menus of many restaurants of the county, revives the palates and aromas of a typical Portuguese recipe,... Learn more
  • Arroz de Sarabulho Ponte de Lima style Gastronomy Arroz de Sarabulho Ponte de Lima style The Alto-Minho gastronomic heritage is rich in quality and variety, a heritageto be found in Ponte de Lima as one of its most significant places, especially... Learn more
  • Codfish with caramelised onion Gastronomy Codfish with caramelised onion Codfish is a typical dish at the fortnightly fairs of Ponte de Lima and is still served in the taverns and restaurants of the village. Learn more
  • Brutus' skewer	Gastronomy Brutus' skewer Inspired by the legend of River Lethes (the river of forgetfulness) and in local traditions, and within the framework of the PROVE Ponte de Lima initiative, a... Learn more
  • Lamprey Bordalesa style Gastronomy Lamprey Bordalesa style Lampreia à Bordalesa is one of the favourite dishes in which Lamprey is the main ingredient. Learn more
  • Crémè Brulée Gastronomy Crémè Brulée For the sweet tooth, the rich crémè brulée is a must have with its rich, creamy and milky texture mixed with hot sugar caramelised by a red-hot iron. Learn more
  • Chunk of meat local style Gastronomy Chunk of meat local style Along with the numerous gastronomic delicacies, do not miss the "Naco de Minhota", with local meat, a gastronomic and referenced product of the county. Learn more