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Turismo de Habitação

Live our History Ponte de Lima is the birthplace of the Solares (Manors) of Portugal with origin and headquarters in the Village and is a reference in this area as well as one of the four pilot areas of Housing Tourism. Housing Tourism promotes its roots and traditions through its historic and century’s old family houses that preserve customs as well as the cultural heritage through stylish, high quality and personalized hospitality. Come and enjoy Housing Tourism in Ponte de Lima!
Heritage Ponte de Lima, heir to a vast heritage, both in its historic center and the...
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Municipal Theatre "Diogo Bernardes" The project of the building was commissioned in 1893 withthe architect António Adelino de...
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12 Activities
  • Casa do Arrabalde Accommodation Casa do Arrabalde This is a typical house from the end of the 17th century. It has been restored and recovered for tourism by its current owner, the last descendant of the... Learn more
  • Casa do Barreiro Accommodation Casa do Barreiro Casa do Barreiro is about 5 km from Ponte de Lima and it stands majestically at the top of the hillside. This house of the 17th century, is a beautiful... Learn more
  • Casa da Lage Accommodation Casa da Lage Casa da Lage is a delightful manor house built in the 17th century distinguished by its historical background. Located in an agricultural and forestry... Learn more
  • Casa do Outeiro Accommodation Casa do Outeiro Casa do Outeiro is located in Santa Marinha de Arcozelo, a small district of Ponte de Lima probably with the highest concentration of manor houses in the Lima... Learn more
  • Casa de São Gonçalo Accommodation Casa de São Gonçalo Visitors will receive a warm welcome at Casa de S. Gonçalo, a 19th century house on the banks of the River Lima, with splendid views of the ancient town of... Learn more
  • Casa das Torres Accommodation Casa das Torres A notable example of the architecture style of 18th century. From the reign of Dom João V, this house was designed by the famous Italian architect Nicolau... Learn more
  • Casa da Várzea Accommodation Casa da Várzea Located in Beiral do Lima is a sunny house that belonged to the Cathedral of Braga, inserted in Várzea Farm and enjoys excellent panoramic views. It has a... Learn more
  • Mercearia da Vila Accommodation Mercearia da Vila Situated in the center of Ponte de Lima, this guesthouse was inspirate in the produtcs of a rural supermarket that existed in this place. Learn more
  • Paço de Calheiros Accommodation Paço de Calheiros Regarded as one of the most representative noble houses of Minho and one of the most important examples Portuguese civil architecture from 18th century. It has... Learn more
  • Quinta do Casal do Condado Accommodation Quinta do Casal do Condado Quinta do Casal do Condado is located in Facha, parish of Ponte de Lima surrounded by the hills of the Nó and Castelo. In the valley stands the Solar, before... Learn more