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Pizzerias, Fast Food and Grills

Enjoy! In order to save time, have a quick meal in our pizzerias, fast food places or at the local barbecue or grill eateries. Come and try them!
Vinho Verde producers Situated in the region of the renowned and world-wide unique...
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Gastronomy In Ponte de Lima, the most traditional dish in the tasty local cuisine is Sarrabulho Rice, a rice...
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14 Activities
  • La Balestra Pizzeria Restaurant La Balestra Pizzeria Italian Pizzeria, located in Ribeira, Ponte de Lima. Learn more
  • Bares Boteca Lda. Restaurant Bares Boteca Lda. Boteca II is situated in Expolima and it has the kitchen open at least till 2 a.m. Learn more
  • Churrasqueira Paragem Restaurant Churrasqueira Paragem It is a pleasant place to have your meal. Its speciality: grills. Closed on mondays at dinner. Learn more
  • Churrasqueira Tic Tac Restaurant Churrasqueira Tic Tac Nice place to meal with possibility to take away. Closed on tuesdays. Learn more
  • Hamburgueria da Vila Restaurant Hamburgueria da Vila A Hamburgueria da Vila é um espaço destinado à venda de hamburgueres rústicos com produtos locais de qualidade. Learn more
  • Piga's Restaurant Piga's At Piga's we accept reservations but customers without a reservation are also welcome. Learn more
  • Pizzaria Alta Donna Restaurant Pizzaria Alta Donna A Altadonna é conhecida pelas suas excelentes pizzas e alguns menus baseados no "fast food". Vem visitar-nos e desfrutar do melhor ambiente! Learn more
  • Pizzaria Beira Rio Restaurant Pizzaria Beira Rio The riverfront is an inspiration to the Italian and Portuguese cuisine with traditional stove. Ideal for alternative meal to regular cuisine. Closed on mondays. Learn more
  • Pizzaria Gondola Restaurant Pizzaria Gondola Situated close to schools, presents itself as a relaxed place, with good service. Closed on sundays. Learn more
  • Pizzaria Quinta da Guia Restaurant Pizzaria Quinta da Guia It is presented as a relaxed place and friendly service. With take away service, and the pizzas to their specialty. Always open Learn more