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Touristic Entertainement Activities

Learn more ... Ponte de Lima has a remarkable environmental heritage, elevating exponentially the level of the quality of life in the county. Do not miss the opportunity to see the different activities that exist in the county, from horse riding or cycling, to activities on the Lima River, golf and tennis, which are examples of healthy activities available in Ponte de Lima, come and try it!
Gardens & Parks The natural conditions of Ponte de Lima make this valley an authentic and spontaneous garden....
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9 Activities
  • Water Activities Water Activities The Nautical Activities are provided by companies located in the municipality (Centro Aventura, Lethes Go, Náutica de Lazer do Lima, Oficina da Natureza e... Learn more
  • Extreme Activities Extreme Activities There are several structures and companies of animation tourism that allow for the practice of radical activities. Learn more
  • Bicycles Bicycles In Ponte de Lima there are bicycle tracks along the river that allow visitors to travel all over the county along the river. Learn more
  • Equestrian Sport Equestrian Sport "The passion for horses has strong roots in the region and has conquered more supporters along the years." Learn more Download
  • Golf Golf Golf is a sport in contact with nature. Learn more
  • Horseback riding Horseback riding Ponte de Lima, an internationally recognized equestrian destination, has space for free riding that appears to create conditions for greater dissemination of... Learn more
  • Swimming pools Swimming pools In the municipality of Ponte de Lima you can find indoor and outdoor pools, the latter being sought after for swimming lessons. Learn more
  • Tennis Tennis The Municipal Tennis Court of Ponte de Lima, with an extensive area of 800 m2, has excellent conditions for the practice of this sport. Come and play tennis in... Learn more
  • Guided Tours Guided Tours Come and discover Ponte de Lima and experience unique adventures in a territory that has been considered one of the eight best European destinations within the... Learn more