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Enjoy! Enjoy yourself at the local Tabernas in Ponte de Lima! These taverns are a tradition that is lost in time, serving mouthwatering tapas. Come and try a snack watered down with a local Vinho Verde.
Vinho Verde Situated in the heart of the famous and unique vinho verde region, the county has a wine...
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Fountain of Ponte de Lima The importance of water, even in a region where this is, fortunately, abundant – as it can be...
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11 Activities
  • Blue Wine Restaurant Blue Wine A “BLUE WINE” foi à História revisitar esta cor que não sendo de um vinho encerra um conceito: o da qualidade que distingue a nobreza de um produto. Learn more
  • Casa da Terra Restaurant Casa da Terra The Casa da Terra is located in an area of ​​great cultural and historical value, former Women’s Jail. Learn more
  • Escondidinho Restaurant Escondidinho Situated in the historic center, this typical restaurant has delicious appetizers and starters. Always open. Learn more
  • Favas Contadas Restaurant Favas Contadas Bar and tapas in a young and friendly atmosphere. Excellent place to socialize situated on the main streets of the historic center near the Largo de Camões. Learn more
  • Pica Pau Restaurant Pica Pau Small restaurant with a great meal service. You can still feel the pulse of the town, enjoying the terrace. Always open. Learn more
  • Taberna 27 Restaurant Taberna 27 Typical Portuguese tavern, with renovated facilities and modern decor inspired in the old tap-houses. Located in a central area, in the Largo de São João.... Learn more
  • The Old Chain Tavern Restaurant The Old Chain Tavern A continued family project of over 40 years, we reopened in November 2012 with modern facilities that provide a very warm, comfortable environment and with a... Learn more
  • Taberna daVila Restaurant Taberna daVila Taberna localizada na freguesia da Feitosa, Ponte de Lima, onde a especialidade são francesinhas. Learn more
  • Telhadinhos Restaurant Telhadinhos A bold and "spicy" menu has built the fame of this establishment. Learn more
  • Tasca O Gasparinho Restaurant Tasca O Gasparinho With regional cuisine and big room, this place keeps the familiar atmosphere. A restaurant to discover, with lounge with fireplace, benches and garden. Closed... Learn more