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Vinho Verde

Capital of Loureiro Wine Situated in the heart of the famous and unique vinho verde region, the county has a wine cooperative, founded in 1959, as well as many private wine producers. When it opened, the cooperative had 47 members; today it has more than 2000 and production has increased while maintaining the quality of the product. High quality vinho verde is easily distinguished by its colour and unique aroma – refreshing and fruity, and the vinho verde of Ponte de Lima should be savoured (chilled if white) in a divine combination with the traditional dishes and sweets of the region.
Taverns These taverns are a tradition that is lost in time...
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Vinho Verde producers Situated in the region of the renowned and world-wide unique...
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9 Activities
  • Aphros Wine Wine Tourism Aphros Wine Aphros Wine is a project initiated at the hands of the architect Vasco Croft who wanted to be a pioneer in the implementation of biodynamic agriculture which... Learn more
  • Carmo's Boutique Hotel Wine Tourism Carmo's Boutique Hotel A 5-star hotel, the Carmo Boutique Hotel is a boutique ambassador for "Winery Terroir" and promotes visits to wine-producing estates in the region. Learn more
  • Casa da Cuquinha Wine Tourism Casa da Cuquinha In the parish of Moreira do Lima - Ponte de Lima, there is a wine made from some very old grapes on the slope of Antelas Mount in a quite small area of a few... Learn more
  • Vinho Verde Interpretation and Promotion Centre Wine Tourism Vinho Verde Interpretation and Promotion Centre Learn more
  • Paço de Calheiros Wine Tourism Paço de Calheiros The estate produces the green wines Loureiro and Vinhão, unique varieties in the world and only found in this region. Learn more
  • Quinta do Ameal Wine Tourism Quinta do Ameal Ameal Villa is a small and extremely old property dating back to 1710 of a rare and natural beauty. Here, white wines of excellence are made and produced from... Learn more
  • Quinta de Luou Wine Tourism Quinta de Luou Loureiro is a white grape variety from Ribeira Lima and the wine from Luou - Loureiro, is a harmonious and flavoursome wine with a pronounced aroma. Learn more
  • Quinta Encontro das Fontes Wine Tourism Quinta Encontro das Fontes This is where the Quinta das Fontes Loureiro, Quinta das Fontes Vinhão and Quinta das Fontes Espumante wines are created, produced exclusively from the... Learn more
  • Terra Rosa Country House and Vineyards Terra Rosa Country House and Vineyards Terra Rosa Country House & Vineyards is the name of the agrotourism centre that brings the heart of Minho to life. Located on the Quinta de Codeçosa, which... Learn more