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A vibrant village Come to Ponte de Lima and uncover the historical heritage, culture, gardens, gastronomy and famous Vinhos Verdes. A land of a unique biodiversity, we welcome you to try Nature Tourism and travel through the beautiful landscapes that make up the county.
Turismo de Habitação Ponte de Lima is the birthplace of the...
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136 Activities
  • Concurso de Saltos Internacional Ponte de Lima WithLife Concurso de Saltos Internacional The International Show Jumping Competition is a fine example of gaining prestige on a national and international level. Ponte de Lima hosts this unique... Learn more
  • Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima Wine Tourism Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima The Ponte de Lima Wine Cellar was founded in 1959; with its headquarters in Conde de Bertiandos' Street, situated in the village of Ponte de Lima - the... Learn more
  • 12 reasons to fall in love with Ponte de Lima Experiences 12 reasons to fall in love with Ponte de Lima We enumerate the 12 reasons for visitors to the Oldest Village of Portugal to be amazed. Learn more
  • Getting Ready for the Way of St. James Way of St. James Getting Ready for the Way of St. James A Credencial do Peregrino é a sucessora dos documentos entregues aos peregrinos na Idade Média como salvo-conduto e deverá leva-la consigo, pois esta... Learn more
  • Orange Ecopath Ecovias, routes and tracks Orange Ecopath The Orange section, in Ponte de Lima, establishes the connection between the village and the Garrida pier in Refoios of Lima. Learn more Download Topoguia
  • Plane Tree Avenue Gardens and Parks Plane Tree Avenue This pedestrian avenue lined with plane trees planted in 1901 is a favourite location in the town of Ponte de Lima in the summer, due to the cool shade it... Learn more
  • Municipal Archive of Ponte de Lima Culture Municipal Archive of Ponte de Lima The Municipal Archive of Ponte de Lima is located in the so-called "Casa do Calvário". It is certainly one of the richest local archives in the country, with... Learn more
  • Lamprey Rice	Gastronomy Lamprey Rice The Lamprey is made in its traditional form, and on the menus of many restaurants of the county, revives the palates and aromas of a typical Portuguese recipe,... Learn more
  • Water Activities Water Activities The Nautical Activities are provided by companies located in the municipality (Centro Aventura, Lethes Go, Náutica de Lazer do Lima, Oficina da Natureza e... Learn more
  • Miradouro of Bola da Pena Viewpoints Miradouro of Bola da Pena The surrounding terraces of Rendufe as well as the beauty that is concentrated in this place, are well worth the 735 meter climb to this viewpoint. Learn more