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Different points of view. Hike to the natural viewpoints that exist in the Municipality of Ponte de Lima and enjoy the magnificent landscapes and all the biodiversity of the Lima Valley.
Feiras Novas On the second weekend of September...
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Ecovias, routes and tracks In the municipality of Ponte de Lima, the existing pedestrian...
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17 Activities
  • Miradouro of Bola da Pena Viewpoints Miradouro of Bola da Pena The surrounding terraces of Rendufe as well as the beauty that is concentrated in this place, are well worth the 735 meter climb to this viewpoint. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Magdalene Viewpoints Miradouro of Magdalene Mount of Saint Mary Magdalene has an unquestionable importance in the historical, cultural, religious, environmental and scenic landscape of the municipality... Learn more
  • Miradouro of Saint Catarina Viewpoints Miradouro of Saint Catarina The viewpoint has a wonderful view over the Lima River, it is a great place to contemplate the village of Ponte de Lima. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Saint Justa Viewpoints Miradouro of Saint Justa A belvedere where you can see the left bank of the Lima river, highlighting the landscape of the Meadows of Correlhã and Vitorino das Donas. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Saint Rita Viewpoints Miradouro of Saint Rita A place of worship to Santa Rita, in the village of Cabração, that allows for a panoramic view of both the Lima valley and the Arga Mountain Range. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Saint Ovid Viewpoints Miradouro of Saint Ovid A place with a privileged view of the village of Ponte de Lima, with a vestige of the Iron Age - the famous horse of the 'Castro' of Saint Ovid,... Learn more
  • Miradouro of São Lourenço Viewpoints Miradouro of São Lourenço On the one side, we see the genuine village of Boalhosa, on the other the charming Valley of Lima. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Alto do Cabeço Viewpoints Miradouro of Alto do Cabeço This viewpoint stands at an altitude of 831 meters and is undoubtedly a place that will be remembered. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Bom Jesus Viewpoints Miradouro of Bom Jesus This viewpoint located is in Anais and gifts the visitor with a natural and genuine framework that can be visited and enjoyed any time of year. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Castro de Saint Estevão Viewpoints Miradouro of Castro de Saint Estevão Here, in this belvedere, is the magnificent view over the Lima Valley and the vestiges of a settlement from the Iron Age. Learn more