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Enjoy the local and typical architecture Villas that are characterized by the rural spaces wherein they are located and inserted within Rural Tourism, maintaining the arquitectural traits, construction materials and other typical characteristics of local architecture. Come and visit the Villas in Ponte de Lima!
Horseback riding Ponte de Lima, recognized International Equestrian Destination...
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Vinho Verde Situated in the heart of the famous and unique vinho verde region, the county has a wine...
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35 Activities
  • Abrigo da Madalena Accommodation Abrigo da Madalena Located on Monte da Madalena, this house is an ideal place for those who like to be in contact with the nature. It is prepared to accommodate two people. Learn more
  • Casa de Abbades Accommodation Casa de Abbades "Casa de Abbades is a manor house from the XVII century, with a chapel in honour of Nossa Senhora da Vitória. Located in northern Portugal, in the green... Learn more
  • Casa da AltaVista Accommodation Casa da AltaVista AltaVista is high in the hills in the tiny traditional village of Carreiras, way off the beaten track but conveniently close to the beautiful historic town of... Learn more
  • Casa da Boa Fonte Accommodation Casa da Boa Fonte A Casa da Boa Fonte é um exemplar da arquitectura tradicional minhota do início do século XX, constituída por dois corpos: a Casa original e o antigo... Learn more
  • Casa do Caminho da Beira Rio Accommodation Casa do Caminho da Beira Rio Casa de Campo localizada no Lugar de Riba Rio, na freguesia de Arcozelo. Learn more
  • Casa da Cuca Accommodation Casa da Cuca Casa da Cuca from the 15th century was rebuilt in 2013 for rural tourism. It is located on the slope of Monte de Antelas in the parish of Moreira do Lima, in... Learn more
  • Casa do Eido da Devesa Accommodation Casa do Eido da Devesa Typical house with architecture of the region of the 17th century, located in Ponte de Lima. It is in a small hill with excellent exposure and panoramic views.... Learn more
  • Casa da Encruzilhada Accommodation Casa da Encruzilhada Perfect to remember ancient times and discover the history of the region, this wonderful country house is inside in an area of rare beauty and is an ideal... Learn more
  • Casa da Giesta Casa da Giesta A house of traditional traits mixed with contemporary elements and possessing all the conditions of habitability, functionality and comfort, this accommodation... Learn more
  • Casa do Jardim Accommodation Casa do Jardim Learn more