Ponte de Lima affirms itself as a destination of excellence in France Gastronomy
31 May 2017 Ponte de Lima affirms itself as a destination of excellence in France

For the first time in the "Marché Portugais" of Cenon, Ponte de Lima showed the best of its gastronomy and wines of the county.

Intense flavors and spicy aromas are the hallmark of Portugal's oldest village, which took part for the first time in the "Marché d'art et d'artisanat et de gastronomie" in Cenon, France.

With a Portuguese community of about 70 thousand people, Cenon invited visitors to "savor local products" and "discover folklore" of the Portuguese culture on the weekend of May 19-21. The incentive to "develop economic ties" was also one of the goals of this transnational market, which is already in its 8th edition.

It was in this context that the Municipality of Ponte de Lima exhibited at its own stand a range of endogenous products, inextricable of the excellence of the county and the region. Honey, wine, handmade beer, smoked sausages and other typical products made the delights of locals and visitors.

Across the field of gastronomy and wine tourism, the tourist potential of Ponte de Lima was the focus of promotion, just like the local business dynamics, who were not left behind, asserting themselves on a cross-border basis.

Organized by the "Alegria Portugaise" Association, and by the village of Cenon, the event promises to continue and carry on the Portuguese tradition in France.

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