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A vibrant village Come to Ponte de Lima and uncover the historical heritage, culture, gardens, gastronomy and famous Vinhos Verdes. A land of a unique biodiversity, we welcome you to try Nature Tourism and travel through the beautiful landscapes that make up the county.
Turismo de Habitação Ponte de Lima is the birthplace of the...
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126 Activities
  • Arroz de Sarabulho Ponte de Lima style Gastronomy Arroz de Sarabulho Ponte de Lima style The Alto-Minho gastronomic heritage is rich in quality and variety, a heritageto be found in Ponte de Lima as one of its most significant places, especially... Learn more
  • Miradouro of Magdalene Viewpoints Miradouro of Magdalene Mount of Saint Mary Magdalene has an unquestionable importance in the historical, cultural, religious, environmental and scenic landscape of the municipality... Learn more
  • Extreme Activities Extreme Activities There are several structures and companies of animation tourism that allow for the practice of radical activities. Learn more
  • Feiras Novas Festivities and Traditions Feiras Novas On the second weekend of September, when the hot summer sun is preparing to say farewell, Ponte de Lima adorns itself for its largest feast - the Feiras Novas. Learn more
  • Casa da Cuquinha Wine Tourism Casa da Cuquinha In the parish of Moreira do Lima - Ponte de Lima, there is a wine made from some very old grapes on the slope of Antelas Mount in a quite small area of a few... Learn more
  • Route of Way of St. James Way of St. James Route of Way of St. James Conheça o percurso e tenha acesso ao mapa e ao topoguia do Caminho Português de Santiago em Ponte de Lima. Learn more Download Topoguia
  • 4 Seasons in Ponte de Lima Experiences 4 Seasons in Ponte de Lima The owner of a history over centuries, one of the most visited towns in Portugal, famous for its magnificent roman and medieval bridge, welcoming you to each... Learn more
  • Watermills Ecopath Ecovias, routes and tracks Watermills Ecopath The watermills' section in Ponte de Lima establishes the link between the village and the boundary of the municipality of Ponte de Lima with Ponte da Barca... Learn more Download Topoguia
  • Campos do Arnado Gardens and Parks Campos do Arnado Grassed areas, some of which with vines, that serve as picnic and leisure areas, including a snack bar and open spaces for the children to play. Learn more
  • Noble Fountain Heritage Noble Fountain The importance of water, even in a region where this is, fortunately, abundant – as it can be seen in the green colours of the landscape that is typical of... Learn more