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A vibrant village Come to Ponte de Lima and uncover the historical heritage, culture, gardens, gastronomy and famous Vinhos Verdes. A land of a unique biodiversity, we welcome you to try Nature Tourism and travel through the beautiful landscapes that make up the county.
Turismo de Habitação Ponte de Lima is the birthplace of the...
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126 Activities
  • Portuguese Toy Museum Culture Portuguese Toy Museum The Portuguese Toy Museum is located in the Casa do Arnado and its annexes, by the Roman bridge, on the right bank of the Lima river. The permanent exhibition... Learn more
  • Miradouro of São Lourenço Viewpoints Miradouro of São Lourenço On the one side, we see the genuine village of Boalhosa, on the other the charming Valley of Lima. Learn more
  • Quinta Encontro das Fontes Wine Tourism Quinta Encontro das Fontes This is where the Quinta das Fontes Loureiro, Quinta das Fontes Vinhão and Quinta das Fontes Espumante wines are created, produced exclusively from the... Learn more
  • Curiosities of Ponte de Lima - not to be missed! Experiences Curiosities of Ponte de Lima - not to be missed! 12 Ponte de Lima Town Curiosities - not to be missed! The monuments of Ponte de Lima tell stories that help us to discover and better understand the history... Learn more
  • Dr. António Magalhães Square Gardens and Parks Dr. António Magalhães Square This is another pleasant square in the town, with a small garden with trees, bushes and boxwood. Learn more
  • Swimming pools Swimming pools In the municipality of Ponte de Lima you can find indoor and outdoor pools, the latter being sought after for swimming lessons. Learn more
  • Pillories of Ponte de Lima<br/><font size=3>Pillory of Ponte de Lima (and the Town Hall), Pillory of Bertiandos and Pillory of Anais</font> Heritage Pillories of Ponte de Lima
    Pillory of Ponte de Lima (and the Town Hall), Pillory of Bertiandos and Pillory of Anais
    In Ponte de Lima the pillory, symbol of absolutist power, was located on the sand banks of the Lima river, outside the town walls. It was dismantled with the... Learn more
  • Terceiros Museum Culture Terceiros Museum The Museu dos Terceiros is located in two religious houses of the Franciscan Order: the former convent of Santo António dos Capuchos and the building... Learn more
  • Chunk of meat local style Gastronomy Chunk of meat local style Along with the numerous gastronomic delicacies, do not miss the "Naco de Minhota", with local meat, a gastronomic and referenced product of the county. Learn more
  • Miradouro of Alto do Cabeço Viewpoints Miradouro of Alto do Cabeço This viewpoint stands at an altitude of 831 meters and is undoubtedly a place that will be remembered. Learn more