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08 Mar 2022 Ponte de Lima launched the website "Ponte de Lima à Mesa"
A new website about Ponte de Lima, is available in "www.pontedelimaamesa.pt". Officially launched on the 4th of March, Ponte de Lima's Day, under the project "Ponte de Lima à Mesa", due to its deserved and recently awarded title of "Gastronomic destination of the year".

The new website exclusively dedicated to gastronomy, complements all the information included in the book "Ponte de Lima à Mesa: contributos para a sua carta gastronómica", written by Prof. Dr. Álvaro Campelo.

Considering that the gastronomical tourism is one of the main tourist attractions, and a social and economical development factor, the Ponte de Lima city hall bet in a research project, which in turn conducted a survey of prescriptions in each one of the parishes of the county. The "construction of a Gastronomical Menu for Ponte de Lima", where each recipe comes up properly contextualized in time and space, the ingredients and the cooking techniques are explicit in the name of the dish, giving an idea of what makes the gastronomy of Ponte de Lima so great, which is the main objective of "Ponte de Lima à Mesa"!

Its attractiveness, colorfulness and dynamic is what makes it different. In the first page we can find the most popular recipes. Their popularity reflects the number of views, in other words, the most viewed recipes have an higher chance of appearing in this page.

The 100 recipes available on the website represent all the parishes of the county as equally and inclusive as possible. The recipes are distributed by various categories, which are associated to the source - the cook and its origin - and a tutorial video made with 3 young chefs who made the 100 recipes.

Referring to the website, we can find the interactive map where is possible navigate and select the parish which we intend to see the associated recipes.

Check the website https://www.pontedelimaamesa.pt/

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