CIPVV honoured with BOW (Best of Wine) international award 2018 Wine Tourism
21 Nov 2018 CIPVV honoured with BOW (Best of Wine) international award 2018
The Centre for Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde (CIPVV) was the winner of the BOW 2018 Award in the Regional Winner - Art and Culture category, part of the Great Wine Capitals - Porto.

The prize was awarded by the City Councilor of Porto, Ricardo Valente and the Director of the Department of Tourism and Commerce, Manuela Rezende, and was received by Mayor Victor Mendes and Councilor Paulo Sousa from the Ponte de Lima City Council.

This distinction is the result of the promotion that the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, in partnership with other entities, such as the Vinhos Verdes’ Winemaking Commission, has undertaken in their campaign of wine as a product of excellence of the county, but also in the preservation of historical and cultural aspects related to its production.

Victor Mendes emphasized the fact that "it is extremely important that the Municipality of Porto associate itself with the promotion of Vinho Verde and that in conjunction with the remaining 85 municipalities in the northern region, work towards the development of a region." "We must reach the strategy adopted by the city of Porto in the promotion of Douro wines, Port wine and Vinho Verde; the CIPVV plays a fundamental role, because although it is based in Ponte de Lima, it is a far-reaching, regional structure and has thus to open up to a whole region so that we can all win. "

The mayor also advanced the news of the awarding of another prize to the CIPVV because of a submission made to the Iter Vitis Network. This prize will be awarded in Brussels in the European Parliament, and it is for Victor Mendes another excellent opportunity for the name of Ponte de Lima to be on the international scene and an incentive for the exploring of new markets for Vinho Verde.

The City Councilor of Porto, Ricardo Valente, explained that the BOW Prize is developed by the 10 world wine-producing capitals, with Porto representing Portugal. 

These 10 countries are considered to be the largest wine producers in the world and have established a set of annual awards for wine tourism and wine, and will make Ponte de Lima visible within this network of 10 countries.Portugal.

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