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Where To Eat

Tradition and quality The local gastronomy is rich in flavors and knowledge. There are a great number of establishments in Ponte de Lima where the best local specialties are made, so you should not miss this unique opportunity to savor them.
Gastronomy In Ponte de Lima, the most traditional dish in the tasty local cuisine is Sarrabulho Rice, a rice...
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Vinho Verde Situated in the heart of the famous and unique vinho verde region, the county has a wine...
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138 Activities
  • Sushi Maketto Restaurant Sushi Maketto Chef's especializados em eventos em Portugal e Galiza, com loja de take-away no mercado municipal de Ponte de Lima e entrega em casa no Alto Minho. Chef... Learn more
  • Pastelaria Estrelinha de Mel Gastronomy Pastelaria Estrelinha de Mel Pastelaria situada junto à Avenida António Feijó. Learn more
  • Tasca Mariazinha O Gasparinho Restaurant Tasca Mariazinha O Gasparinho With regional cuisine and big room, this place keeps the familiar atmosphere. A restaurant to discover, with lounge with fireplace, benches and garden. Closed... Learn more
  • Casa Borges Restaurant Casa Borges Restaurant with a huge tradition in Ponte de Lima, preserved its original façade and the kitchen is the sight of all. The cook is the landmark of the... Learn more
  • Tibisay Restaurant Tibisay Situado junto às escolas. Learn more
  • Pastelaria Magali Gastronomy Pastelaria Magali Pastelaria localizada na freguesia da Seara, junto à estrada nacional 204. Learn more
  • Turipiza Restaurant Turipiza Ample and modern space. Ideal for meals in a relaxed atmosphere. Closed on mondays. Learn more
  • Pastelaria Meira Gastronomy Pastelaria Meira Pastelaria situada na freguesia da Correlhã, junto à estrada nacional. Learn more
  • Pastelaria Momentos Únicos Gastronomy Pastelaria Momentos Únicos Pastelaria e Padaria situada em Arca Ponte de Lima. Learn more
  • Casa das Cheias Restaurant Casa das Cheias Typical restaurant, in front of Lima river. Familiar place which preserve the marks of floods of Lima River. Always open. Learn more