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Local Accommodation

Make yourself at home The Local Accommodation establishments provide temporary accommodation services to tourists and are divided into three categories: Houses, Apartments, Lodging establishments; all are available in Ponte de Lima and waiting for your visit!
Portuguese Toy Museum The Portuguese Toy Museum is located in the Casa do Arnado...
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Ecovias, routes and tracks In the municipality of Ponte de Lima, the existing pedestrian...
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115 Activities
  • Casa da Posa Accommodation Casa da Posa Situada em Ponte de Lima, a CASA DA POSA apresenta acomodações com uma piscina privada, uma varanda e vistas para a montanha. Tenha Um Retiro Perfeito! Learn more
  • Casa Raiz Accommodation Casa Raiz A Casa Raiz, situada na freguesia da Labruja, é uma casa rodeada de um belo jardim, executado pelas nossas raízes. Poderão se sentar à beira da piscina e... Learn more
  • Casa do Ribeiro Accommodation Casa do Ribeiro House Ribeiro is a rustic stone house, inserted in a set of 3 houses from the XIX century; the other two houses are reserved for the owner and family. Learn more
  • Casa da Romeira Accommodation Casa da Romeira A Casa da Romeira é um alojamento local, situada nos arredores de Ponte de Lima, em Arcozelo. Este alojamento dispõe de dois apartamentos, sendo que o... Learn more
  • Casa de Sangens Accommodation Casa de Sangens Inserted in a mountainous environment, the House of Sangens opens up to the Labruja mountain range and, further back, the majestic Arga Mountains, which extend... Learn more
  • Casa de Santiago Accommodation Casa de Santiago House located in the parish of Facha, 9 km from the center of the village of Ponte de Lima. Learn more
  • Casa de São João Accommodation Casa de São João The House of St. John is inserted on a small farm which is totally fenced, and thus has a lot of privacy, surrounded by many trees, green spaces, a garden, a... Learn more
  • Casa da Seixosa Accommodation Casa da Seixosa This property results from a meticulously restored old farmhouse and typical in the region. Learn more
  • Casa do Sexta Way of St. James Casa do Sexta Good conditions for your stay. Excellent location, very close to the historic area of Ponte de Lima. Access to green areas. Learn more
  • Casa do Souto Accommodation Casa do Souto A Casa do Souto está situada na freguesia da Cabração, inserida na zona denominada por Aldeias de Portugal, a 15 minutos do centro de Ponte de Lima, a vila... Learn more