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Make yourself at home Ponte de Lima traces the beauty and character of the minho region: meadows and wetlands sprinkled with villages and manor houses, concentrating the largest number of guest houses of rural tourism and tourism in rural spaces in the country, thus the cradle of rural...
Culture Services Ponte de Lima did not only stay in the annals of history. Today it is one of the...
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Restaurants The gastronomic offer of Ponte de Lima is rich, juicy and diversified...
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148 Activities
  • Being Home Accommodation Being Home Being Home Ponte de Lima é um alojamento cujo edifício se situa no centro histórico de Ponte de Lima denominado Arrabalde de S. João de Fora. A rua que lhe... Learn more
  • Casa da Várzea Accommodation Casa da Várzea Located in Beiral do Lima is a sunny house that belonged to the Cathedral of Braga, inserted in Várzea Farm and enjoys excellent panoramic views. It has a... Learn more
  • Casa da Gaiba Accommodation Casa da Gaiba Its pleasant architecture and unique location makes this house an exceptional property for an unforgettable holiday. Ideally located in Estorãos, at a short... Learn more
  • Cantinho do Beato Accommodation Cantinho do Beato O Cantinho do Beato situa-se no coração do centro histórico de Vila de Ponte de Lima, dispõe de 3 quartos, 2 deles com casa de banho partilhada e um com... Learn more
  • Mercearia da Vila Accommodation Mercearia da Vila Situated in the center of Ponte de Lima, this guesthouse was inspirate in the produtcs of a rural supermarket that existed in this place. Learn more
  • Casa do Cuco Accommodation Casa do Cuco Cuco House is a simple, country style house which is fully equipped and furnished building with capacity for up to 6 people. Learn more
  • Casa do Alto Sol Accommodation Casa do Alto Sol The name of the property is Casa do Alto Sol, its a family business that has decided to maintain the moth of the zone in which it is inserted. The name was... Learn more
  • Casa da Giesta Casa da Giesta A house of traditional traits mixed with contemporary elements and possessing all the conditions of habitability, functionality and comfort, this accommodation... Learn more
  • Paço de Calheiros Accommodation Paço de Calheiros Regarded as one of the most representative noble houses of Minho and one of the most important examples Portuguese civil architecture from 18th century. It has... Learn more
  • Casa da Sidra Accommodation Casa da Sidra A anteriormente denominada 'Azenha', equipamento que resultou da recuperação e adaptação funcional de um engenho de serração existente na quinta,... Learn more