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Enjoy The gastronomic offer of Ponte de Lima is rich, juicy and diversified. Come and visit the local restaurants and sample the delicacies.
Gardens & Parks The natural conditions of Ponte de Lima make this valley an authentic and spontaneous garden....
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Heritage Ponte de Lima, heir to a vast heritage, both in its historic center and the...
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70 Activities
  • J. Pimenta Restaurant J. Pimenta Restaurante de cozinha regional com serviço de snack-bar e salão de jogos. Tem parque de estacionamento. Ideal para grupos. Não encerra. Learn more
  • Katekero Restaurant Katekero Restaurant with a pleasant garden terrace, very close to the famous Avenue of plane trees. Specialty francesinhas. Closed on Monday. Learn more
  • O Lagar de Valinhas O Lagar de Valinhas Restaurante típico num espaço que já um lagar de azeite, com um rio a passar por dentro. Learn more
  • Lusitano Restaurant Lusitano With a large and cozy room with tasteful decoration. You can taste the best of "limiana" gastronomy. Open every day from midday to 3pm and 7 to 11pm. Learn more
  • Manuel Padeiro Restaurant Manuel Padeiro This restaurant is a reference of traditional cuisine all over more than 60 years. Closed on Tuesdays. Learn more
  • Mercado Restaurant Mercado Cozy space with minimalist decor and modern design. Situated in the Market Hall, it has a regional dishes and a great view over the Lima river. The terrace is... Learn more
  • Migaitas Restaurant Migaitas Situated in Golf of Ponte de Lima, the Restaurant Migaitas offers the flavors of traditional cuisine, without forgetting the best of modern cuisine. Learn more
  • Monte da Madalena Restaurant Monte da Madalena Monte da Madalena Restaurante é projecto ambicioso... É, uma história que começa pelo desejo mais rebuscado de jovens empreendedores, com vontade de marcar... Learn more
  • Monte da Nó Restaurant Monte da Nó This is an election place to pilgrims of Nossa Senhora da Boa Morte. With a beautiful landscape for the Lima's valley, it is open on weekends and during... Learn more
  • Olho Marinho Restaurant Olho Marinho Restaurant with a big room, you can prove delicacies like Arroz de Sarrabulho, Rojões à Minnhota, the traditional codfish and the dishes made by products of... Learn more