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Ponte de Lima Convida

Ponte de Lima Convida 2022 The region of Ponte de Lima is proud to bring together a vast array of facilities and events able to meet the expectations of visitors who seek out an escape from the hustle and bustle of large cities, preferring instead to come in contact with a culture spanning over a millennium as well as a setting where quality of life and respect for nature are apparent. This is a reflection of what makes Ponte de Lima unique. The municipality promotes a series of events taking place between May and October, many of which are now a long-standing tradition.
1 Activity
  • Lourear a Pevide Experiences Lourear a Pevide “Laurear a pevide” - passear, estar sem fazer nada, sem preocupações. A expressão tem duas variantes “larear a pevide” e “laurear a pevide”. Learn more