Secretary of State for Forestry and Rural Development, Eng. Miguel João de Freitas visited the Green Wine Festival - "Ponte de Lima is a reference of Vinho Verde" Wine Tourism
12 Jun 2018 Secretary of State for Forestry and Rural Development, Eng. Miguel João de Freitas visited the Green Wine Festival - "Ponte de Lima is a reference of Vinho Verde"

The Festival of Vinho Verde and the Regional Products of Ponte de Lima, considered a reference event, fulfilled its 28th edition and translated into a mega campaign of promotion of the famous Vinho Verde. The event that took place this weekend in the Fair and Exhibition Hall of Ponte de Lima had a high number of visitors.

Recognizing "Ponte de Lima as a reference in the production of Vinho Verde", the Secretary of State for Forestry and Rural Development, Eng. Miguel João de Freitas, revealed that "this fair presents a huge diversity of producers who do with passion. It is not easy, the agricultural sector is not easy, it needs a lot of drive and Vinho Verde is something that distinguishes us. "

In the words of the secretary of State, "these producers are special, and ... the vine is a factor of transformation of the landscape, it brings you value, wealth, and consolidates the idea of ​​the Mediterranean diet," he said.

In turn, the Mayor of Ponte de Lima, Mr. Victor Mendes, defined the event as a real lever to promote and disseminate the best that the rural world has, while presenting a demonstration of the dynamics of the wine sector and tourism.

The mayor stressed that "this product allowed the emergence of new producers, generating greater wealth and diversity of the brand of Portuguese Wines." Victor Mendes also mentioned "the remarkable work that has been registered in the wine sector, and congratulated all partners who together with the Municipality promote this event, "this fair is one of the oldest in the county and the district, and throughout its existence has been a factor of promotion and appreciation of Vinho Verde," said the Mayor of Ponte de Lima.

Keeping in mind in this event, the organization results from a partnership between the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, the Professional School of Agriculture and Rural Development and the School of Agriculture of Ponte de Lima of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.

Confirmed as a unique nectar, Vinho Verde is the main ingredient and the basis for a series of contests that took place during the event. Show cookings, tastings and wine tastings highlighted the traditional competitions of Vinho Verde and cream brulée.

Also noteworthy for the musical moments that made the Fair a real success: Zé Amaro and DJ Pedro Pena ensured the liveliness of "Vinhão Night" on Friday. In "Loureiro Night" the voice of Carolina Deslandes delighted the fans. But the music went on into the night to the sound of DJ Bruno S.

 The Fair ended brilliantly with the XXXVIII Festival of Folklore of the Group of Dances and Songs of Ponte de Lima.

Results of the XVI Ponte de Lima Wine Competition

Category -  Loureiro Variety Vinho Verde

Honourable mention for the wine "Pecadinhos do Abade" by Laureano Barbosa Machado

1st Prize - Gold category for "Caroça" wine by Joel Carvalho - Sociedade Agrícola Lda

 2nd Prize - Silver category for "Loureiro" wine from the Cooperative of Ponte de Lima Winery

Category - White Vinho Verde

Honourable mention for the wine "Winery of Ponte da Barca Branco" by Viniverde

1º Prize - Gold category for the "Terras de Conclave" wine from Terras de Conclave - Agroturismo Lda

2nd Prize - silver category for the "Aromas 4U Escolha" wine from Aromas 4U, Lda

Category - Vinho Verde Wine

Honourable mention for the wine "Madrinha" by Margarida Laura Martins de Vasconcelos

1st Prize - Gold Category for the wine "Aguião" by Simão Pedro de Vasconcelos Bacelar de Aguiã

2nd Prize - Silver category for the "Adega dos Leões" wine by Margaria Laura Martins de Vasconcelos

 Results of the X Cream Brulée Contest

Category Restaurant

1st Prize - Restaurant "Encanada"

2nd Prize - Restaurant "A Carvalheira"

3rd Prize - Restaurant "River View"

Category Individual

Daniel Lúcio Pinheiro

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