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24 Apr 2018 Ponte de Lima includes a Gastronomic Tour
Ponte de Lima will be part of a Luxury Gastronomic Tour, coordinated by the TPNP - Tourism Authority of Porto and Northern Portugal.

In this context, the Regional Tourism Authority of Porto and Northern Portugal (TPNP) invited two experts to visit our region, to get to know the local traditions of our gastronomy with the collaboration of the Municipality of Ponte de Lima.

Alice Fauveau CEO & Founder | Focus On Women and the Spanish Chef Maria Belen, ho were responsible for the elaboration of this gastronomic itinerary, are visiting Ponte de Lima.

Ponte de Lima's fashionable Sarrabulho Rice - the ex-libris of the local gastronomy, watered down by the famous Vinho Verde and other typical products, was part of the first meal on local soil.

Taking into consideration that this is a targeted action with a very specific purpose (Gastronomic Tours for women), the TPNP promoted a tour of the county with visits to the Minho smokehouse factory and Casa da Terra, sharing information about the specialties of the companies / stores that bet on the confection of traditional products.

The visit ended with the tasting of typical products and a stroll through the Historic Center of Ponte de Lima.

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