Gardens and Climate change - Theme of the International Garden Festival in Ponte de Lima of 2022 Gardens and Parks
10 Dec 2021 Gardens and Climate change - Theme of the International Garden Festival in Ponte de Lima of 2022
Ponte de Lima has begun with the most recent edition of the International Garden Festival. Next year's edition, with the theme "Gardens and Climate Change", has already 11 new proposals selected by the jury, and will represent the event during the months of May until October of 2022.

Coming from 12 different nationalities, Portugal has six candidacies, next is Poland with five, and the rest with one, them being: German, Austria, Romania, Norway, Brazil, Spain, Scotland, Italy, Czech Republic and France.

A bet in the revitalization of urban green spaces, preservation of the environment and an incentive for good use of the gardens, recognizing it as a sustainable project, bringing together the essence of preserving the environment, using materials from previous editions, if possible.

Word about the International Gardens Festival has already crossed borders, distinguished in 2013 with the title Garden Tourism Awards, by the "North American Garden Tourism Conference", in Toronto, Canada, and in 2017 by the "Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe" - EFFE Label 2017-2018.

The construction of new projects begins on the beginning of next year, joining the "Jardim do Diálogo" (Garden of Dialogue), the most voted by the public in 2021, made by the Czech arquitect Magda Jandová in partnership with Viveiros Adoa, from Vigo, Spain.

Check the jury's proposals for the 17th edition of the International Gardens Festival 2022:

Be Climate-Wild Bee-Frendly: Germany/Austria
Água da Vida: Poland
Revitalização do Património Hidráulico Minhoto: Portugal
Crumbling Garden: Poland
Jardim Mutante: Portugal
Jardim Polinizador: Portugal
On The Edge of Tomorrow: Czech Republic
The Evolution Garden: Scoltland/Spain
Jardim da Reflexão:  Brazil/Spain
Convivio-A Journey into the Future: Italy
Every Step you Take: Austria     

Just like the previous editions, during the selection of creations for next year, the jury anounced the theme for next year. So, in 2023, the theme will be "Healthy Gardens".


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