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Where To Eat

Tradition and quality The local gastronomy is rich in flavors and knowledge. There are a great number of establishments in Ponte de Lima where the best local specialties are made, so you should not miss this unique opportunity to savor them.
Vinho Verde Situated in the heart of the famous and unique vinho verde region, the county has a wine...
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Gastronomy In Ponte de Lima, the most traditional dish in the tasty local cuisine is Sarrabulho Rice, a rice...
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95 Activities
  • Açude Restoration Açude Located just 1Km from the historic center, with a splendid panoramic view to the Lima river, Restaurante Açude has an excellent food and more than 300 wine... Learn more
  • Casa da Terra Restoration Casa da Terra The Casa da Terra is located in an area of ​​great cultural and historical value, former Women’s Jail. Learn more
  • Sakurana Restoration Sakurana Situado no Centro Histórico, tem um ambiente calmo e relaxante. Learn more
  • Adega do Adão Restoration Adega do Adão Located near of the exit of motorway A3, this restaurant of traditional cuisine has a big room ideal for groups. It has a private parking. Closed on tuesdays... Learn more
  • Bares Boteca Lda. Restoration Bares Boteca Lda. Boteca II is situated in Expolima and it has the kitchen open at least till 2 a.m. Learn more
  • Escondidinho Restoration Escondidinho Situated in the historic center, this typical restaurant has delicious appetizers and starters. Always open. Learn more
  • Adega do Espeta Restoration Adega do Espeta Situated just a few minutes from the historical centre, this typical restaurant has delicious different dishes and entrances. Closed on thursday. Learn more
  • Churrasqueira Paragem Restoration Churrasqueira Paragem It is a pleasant place to have your meal. Its speciality: grills. Closed on mondays at dinner. Learn more
  • Favas Contadas Restoration Favas Contadas Bar and tapas in a young and friendly atmosphere. Excellent place to socialize situated on the main streets of the historic center near the Largo de Camões. Learn more
  • Alameda Restoration Alameda This traditional restaurant is just in the centre of Ponte de Lima, near of the medieval bridge. It is very famous for its tradicional food served in a... Learn more